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Object Catalog

1923Twin Peaks School: Publicity 1923-24-25Book
1930Twin Peaks PTA: April 1930-April 1931Book
1934Publicity Record book Twin Peaks Parent-Teacher AssociationBook
1949Twin Peaks School Site (1949)Newspaper Clipping
1970SFUSD Newsletter: Twin Peaks School Nature Trail (1970)Newspaper Clipping
1975Teacher Learning Center (c. 1975)Photographs, Bulletin
1981San Francisco Parents Review: An Alternative School: Rooftop Newspaper Clipping
1983Letter to Parents of Kindergarten Children, 1982-1983Letter
1984Rooftop School Parent Handbook, September 1984Booklet
1985“Rooftop Review” by Rooftop In Performance (RIP) (1985)Script
1985“Parents Rough It To Get Kids Into Alternative Schools,” San Francisco Chronicle, January 14, 1985Newspaper Clipping
1986Rooftop In Performance: Amazing Space (1986)Program
1986All School PortraitPhotograph
1989San Francisco Independent: Big Show under the Rooftop (1989)Newspaper Clipping
1993“America’s 177 Best Schools.” Redbook Magazine, April 1993. Xerox Copy
1995Twin Peaks School Photographic and Written Documentation June 1995Binder
1995Twin Peaks School Building DemolitionPhotographs
1997Rooftop Alternative School K-8 School Vision Statement (c. 1997)Xerox Copy
1997Mayeda Campus Ground BreakingPhotograph
1997Mayeda Campus Dedication Ceremony InvitationInvitation
1997Mayeda Campus Dedication Ceremony ProgramProgram
1999PTA Reflections Opening Program & ReceptionPostcard
2000“The Promise of Play,” Episode One: The Mother of Invention: Rooftop SchoolVideo
2000“The Elisa Era” (2000)Flyer
2000Rooftop Theatre Sondheim’s 70th Birthday CelebrationInvitation
2001THE ARTS for Every Child in San FranciscoProposal
2003“Rooftop is A Feeling” CD (2003)Compact Disc
2006SFUSD Arts Education Master PlanBooklet
2006De Young Museum Educator’s Guide: The Sculpture Of Ruth AsawaEducator’s Guide
2007Marcus Shelby – Rooftop PD Playlist (2007)Playlist
2008Dare To Perform 2007-2008Flyer, iDVD Menu
2009Fundred Template (2009)Template
2009Rooftop 2009 OperaFestFlyer
2009About Gitameit – Letter of Introduction (2009)Letter
2009ART IS… INNOVATION Family Assignment (2009)Flyer
2011“Voyage of The Blue Marble” San Francisco Public Library Exhibit (2011)Signage
2012Marcus Shelby a Green and Blues Rooftop Playlist (2012)Playlist
2012San Francisco Opera Education Design Workbook (2012)Booklet
2012“On The Rooftop” Opera (2012)Program, Audio, Music Score
2015“The Hummingbird Effect” Wish & Chips STEAM Challenge (2015)Flyer
2016Art Is @ The Center Teacher Professional Development (2016)Photos, Agenda, Slides
\2016San Francisco Middle School Maker Faire Program (2016)Booklet
2016Negev Wheel: a mindful look book ( 2016)Booklet
2017Mayeda Campus Dedication PlaquePhotograph
2017Kinder Art Night Water Songs and Dances (2017)Songbook
2017“Harriet’s Spirit” with Marcus ShelbyFlyer, Program
2017“Imagine” with the Rooftop Chorus (2017)Audio
2020Ms. Toupin’s DIY Magic Bag (2020)Instruction Booklet

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