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Fundred Template (2009)

Template used by Rooftop School students to create Fundreds.

Initiated by artist Mel Chin in 2008, Fundred connects individuals and communities across the country in a collective effort to bring visibility to the widespread threat of lead poisoning. Nearly half a million children and adults across the country have created their own hand-drawn currency, in the form of “Fundred Dollar Bills” to speak to the value of every individual impacted, and the need to invest in solutions.

In 2010, a specially designed armored truck was driven on a 20,000 mile route cross-country to collect the hundreds of thousands of Fundreds and to participate in over one hundred Fundred events orchestrated by schools and museums nationwide.

Rooftop School served as one of the 125 official Fundred Collection Centers in the United States. The Sous Terre Armored Truck arrived in San Francisco on February 17, 2010 to collect a bank box of Fundreds on its route across the country to the final destination: Washington D.C.

Fundred’s Sous Terre Truck Trip
2/17/2010 at 3:45 PM GMT-08:00
From the Road — San Francisco

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