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Rooftop In Performance: Amazing Space (1986)

Printed program for Rooftop In Performance presents “Amazing Space: The Search for Rooftop School” (1986) written by Mrs. Fisher’s 3rd Grade [Prologue, Scenes 1 & 2], Mrs. Condon’s 5th Grade [Scenes 3 & 4], Mr. Pringle’s 4th Grade [Scene 5]; Ms. Watkin’s 3rd & 4th Grade [Scene 6], John deBernardis, Ezra Ayhens-Johnson [Title], with Gerri Lanier, Dorothy Moskowitz Falarski, Roger Bruno.

  • Music & Lyrics: Dorothy Moskowitz Falarski, Roger Bruno and Rooftop students.
  • Musical arrangements & direction: Dorothy Moskowitz Falarski
  • Stage Director & RIP Coordinator: Elisa Elliott
  • Choreographers: Aiko Cuneo, Pamela Wong
  • Scenery Coordinator: Joanne Oppenheimer
  • Costume Coordinator: Pam Kanbayashi

About R.I.P: 

Rooftop in Performance was born in 1984-85 under the S.I.P. grant. It has grown in 1985-86 with PTA support. RIP’s goal is to involve students at all levels in various aspects of the production process from writing to performance. The fall semester was devoted to writing (four classrooms) under the direction of a writing team. A school-wide “Name the Play” contest was held. Four selected titles were submitted to a vote. A tie produced this title. January saw production planning and auditions. Rehearsals, held during lunch recess and 1 day-per-week after school, began in February and have continued to this performance. Existing programs (Mrs. Ramet’s Chorus, Mrs. Fisher’s Orff Program, Parent Art) were coordinated into the process.

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