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San Francisco Independent: Big Show under the Rooftop (1989)

“The students at Rooftop Elementary School have found just the right recipe for theatrical success.

First, mix together a schoolfull of young scamps, add a misplaced forest ranger from New York City and some rather loose-lipped animals. Thrown in a frantic search for marshmallows, Hershey bars and graham crackers and top it off with a load of amazing musical numbers.

Last week Rooftop elementary, an alternative public school located near Twin Peaks got a chance to hit the stage with its play “Trouble in the Forest.” The play is an annual production of “Rooftop in Performance” and one of the many creative arts programs put on by the school.

Newspaper clipping from the May 31, 1989 edition of the San Francisco Independent. “Students, Faculty and Parents Share Spotlight: Big Show under the Rooftop” by Jim Castleberry, with photos by George T. Kruse.

Contributed by Ann Henry.

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