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SFUSD Newsletter: Try A Nature Trail… Twin Peaks Has! (1970)

Newsletter article about Twin Peaks School nature trail in the December 14, 1970 edition of SFUSD Newsletter, pg 241, volume 41-42 (Sept. – June 1969-71)

“Try a Nature Trail… Twin Peaks Has!”

Photo Caption: Recent visitors to the Twin Peaks School nature trails have included (left) Robert Potts, Entomologist Identifier, Plant Quarantine Division, United States Department of Agriculture, seen here showing 5th grade students in Mrs. Rosina Jones’ class samples of “insects nabbed at the border,” and (right) Howard Gilliam, noted author of books on San Francisco, columnist and instructor, and Mrs. Ruth Asawa Lanier, member of the San Francisco Art Commission.

“Few schools in an urban setting are fortunate enough to have a nature trail close enough for students to utilize, but one District school—Twin Peaks has tow of them, and both have been blazed and staked out by children at the school with the encouragement of a resource teacher.

The resource teacher, Ernestine Fox, had the vision, imagination, and drive to see the untapped resources waiting to be developed around the school and to do something about the situation…”

San Francisco Historical Photograph Collection:

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