The Visual Arts at Rooftop

Welcome (Back)!

Dear Art Parent Volunteers:

We would like to welcome all new art parents and to extend a big welcome back to all returning volunteers. Your support of the Art Program at Rooftop is the reason that Art days are so special to the students at our school.

The Rooftop Art Program strives to bring a rich variety of artistic experience to our students. Art can give our children the opportunity to create things that are meaningful to them. Art can give us a way to examine who we are.

When asked by children which artists inspired her, Chicano artist Carmen Lomas Garza recalled, “My mother was the first artist I saw paint. I was about eight years old and she was painting the tablas for lotería with pen and ink and watercolors. I thought she was making magic.”

In our classrooms, parent and teachers become magicians, creative conjurers, as we encourage students to imagine an infinite number of possibilities. By volunteering, you can witness first hand, a kind of collaborative magic. Using our imaginations, we start with a blank piece of paper, a lump of clay, or possibly something that was to be thrown away, and end up with things of beauty and a classroom filled with smiles.

We look forward to working with you and thank you for your volunteer time.


The Rooftop Art Committee


The classrooms and hallways of Rooftop School are often filled with excitement and activity as children, teachers and parents discuss, appreciate and create art.

Your volunteer time will help to ensure that the Visual Arts continue to be an important element in your child's education at Rooftop.